User Profile Pic Error: Undefined variable $id

Hi, I’ve updated to 3.9 and I get an error when I try to upload a profile Pic:

Undefined variable $id

I have all the Uuid’s generated, deleted the media folder and updated my .htaccess with:

SetEnvIf Authorization "(.+)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

Anyone has an idea of what’s happening?
Thank you so much.

Is there more information in your console or your php error logs?

It’s this:

If you need more info, please, tell me.

Hm, I’m actually getting the same error with 3.9.0, downgraded to 3.8.4 and all good. But in your example, the URL looks good, while in my test, the user id was actually missing from the route. Seems to be a regression.

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Thank you @texnixe looking forward to 3.9.1!