Use the predefined blocks of the new kirby editor in custom block

We are well aware that the plugin is still beta and the question is probably a few steps ahead. No worries :slight_smile: We found another solution to achieve what we wanted and used the blocks that are there as they are.

Original Question:
Hi, we are using the super nice new Kirby editor (beta) for a project and stumbled upon a question.

Is it somehow possible to reuse the existing predefined blocks in new custom block plugins?

For example, I want to create a new custom-block which consists of an image and a paragraph. Now, is it possible to reference the default image and paragraph block within the new block, since the whole functionality should stay the same.

I saw that it is possible to modify them or build new custom ones, but nothing where an existing block is referenced/nested.

I also think some kind of multi-block example would be super useful. The examples are pretty bare bones. I recently tried to create a multi-image block but quickly gave up :sweat_smile:

Maybe the issues in the plugin repository would be a better place to discuss this.

@thguenther Talking of multi-block example, isn’t the Timeline plugin an example that could maybe be helpful?

@texnixe Thanks for the tip! I actually already had a look at Daniel’s plugin, but it’s not really a multi-block field. Every timeline item is separate, just like the list blocks or the todo example.

@thguenther Oh, ok, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for clarifying.

maybe true, I will post it as a wish-list-item :slight_smile: