Use Laravel Blade templates in Plugin

I’m making use of this plugin (GitHub - beebmx/kirby-blade: Enable Blade for Kirby 3) which works great. What I’m wanting to do is make use of blade in some custom plugins. I’ve tried exposing the blade template like so:

But that doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s even possible but it seems like it would be. Any ideas?

Maybe an issue with the loading order of the plugins?

The plugin works just fine when using blade templates within the site/templates folder and subfolders. But I’m trying to use blade templates within site/plugins/my-plugin/templates and expose them like other templates hoping that the plugin picks those up as well.

The plugin should be able to support this, but when it doesn’t work, templates from plugins are probably not implemented correctly. I would need to check out the source code to understand why it’s not loading the templates from plugins.

Ok, thanks Bastian.

@beebmx any idea why this isn’t working?

Hi, Blade templates should work.
The components right now just work in site/templates/components as you can see in the plugin documentation.

I can check this out in the future to support components for external plugins.