Use blueprint field snippets in users custom form fields?

Is it possible to use field snippets when defining custom fields in the users form? Let’s say I have created “social.yml” for a structure field that holds social media addresses, is it possible to use that field inside admin.yml and editor.yml and if so how (

You would have to define that snippet separately, so that you can re-use it in different blueprints: Tutorial: Global field definitions aka blueprint snippets

Yes I have tried this. It works perfectly for normal blueprints but it does not seem to work in the extensions of the users blueprint (blueprints/users/admin.yml).

Hm, I tested this in my Kirby test install and did not encounter any problems with using the snippet. Could you post your field so we can test this?

There seems to be a bug with the structure fields in user blueprints, however, see this post.

Sorry for the delayed response, it is the same bug for me…