->url() won't get full path

I’ve been struggeling a little. Since I restructured my blueprint, from a simple form to tabbed one, whenever I try to get a url, it only shows the text as written in the yaml text file.

Here’s an example for getting the logo file.

It’s probably a completely noob issue, but ich kann den Wald vor Bäumen nicht mehr sehen :slight_smile:
Thanks so much in advance! Katharina

PS: in the backend everything is perfectly fine; on the file detail page, the url path is also displayed in full

You have to convert the value in the logo file to a file object first.

Hey Katharina, welcome to the forum.

if ($file = $page->logo()->toFile()) {
  echo $file->url();

In the future, it helps if you post code as code, then we can copy&paste and correct. Thanks.

Thank you & I was just afraid of too much code in the question.