Uploading .html file or file of text/html mime type

Hello there

I’m building a site for a restaurant and I’m trying to create an easy process for the owners to post the dinner and lunch menu. As they’re already using Word to create their printed menus, I figured it would be the easiest to save the Word file as html and parse it.

By default, .htm, .html files are blocked in the Uploader class as well as the text/html mime type. I understand it’s a security issue, but the possibility to whitelist or unblock these types at your own risk would be nice. Imagine you want to upload a code snippet saved as a html file, you’d have the same issue.

Certainly, I can change the Uploader class but obviously don’t want to change the core. Does anyone have another suggestion or idea?


There is now a feature request issue on GitHub about this.

Thx for letting me know!