Uniform problem on multi-language site

Hi @mzur.

I use the Uniform plugin AJAX style on a multi-language site. It all works fine when I visit the default language (English) version of the site. But when I switch to the second language (Swedish) the page breaks. Looks like something doesn’t work when the page try to echo the token. If I delete this line from the form:

<input type="hidden" name="_submit" value="<?php echo uniform('contact-form')->token() ?>">

the page works but the form is broken, obviously.
Any ideas?

Try adding c::set('debug', true); to the site config and take a look at the webserver/PHP error log when the page containing the form was loaded. The error message will tell us what exactly goes wrong so we can fix it.

So easy! My bad. The language file site/plugins/uniform/languages/se.php was missing. Added it and now it works.
Thank you!