Uniform plugin and file cache

I use the Uniform plugin in a project and just found that it doesn’t work with file cache enabled. Unfortunately, other caching methods are not supported on the client’s shared hosting service. Also, I cannot exclude the page from caching, because the form is on a one pager. Anyone any idea other than disabling caching?
Thx, Sonja

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You can configure the cache to ignore some pages. Would it be enough?

As I said above, it’s not possible because the form sits on the only page, thus ignoring the contact page doesn’t do anything because the whole page gets cached :cry:

[Edit] Guess it’s similar to the problem described here: Cache + Contact Form), even if that thread refers to the built-in mail function.

Caching would make the site so much faster on stupid slow 1und1 shared hosting, which doesn’t even support mod_deflate, arghh …

I suggest you create a separate issue for this?

Ah yes, sorry I didn’t understand the issue. I thought because the form is technically on a different page it could work. But of course every content is fetched by a single template so for the cache it’s a unique page.
Would loading the form in an iframe help (even though we all hate iframes)? Or loading the form with javascript after the page is loaded?

@malvese Thx for your answers. Well, I guess I will just turn off the cache completely, might not make such a big difference after all. I don’t want to use an iframe and displaying a form via javascript is not really an option, either.

I had the same issue, but was lucky enough to have the form on a separate page. Disabling the cache works but doesn’t feel like the proper fix for this. XHR form submission might be a good idea?
Unfortunately the plugin owner doesn’t have much time to extend the plugin with more functionality.

Is there any news on this subject? I’m working on a one-pager and am having the same problem. I would really like to use a nice contact form, but speed is even more important to me.

Using the form with AJAX might be a solution. You can disable the cache for the page serving the JSON response.

disabling cache works like this: https://getkirby.com/docs/cheatsheet/options/cache-ignore