Uniform email SMTP config options

Hi guys,

Recently upgraded my Uniform plugin to the latest version in master from V2.

Would the following still be a valid way to configure our SMTP email provider. That’s the config we have on our production site (running V2) where it works fine.

On the dev site (sits on the same machine, different directory but running V3) it says cannot send emails. I’d assume it should all still work as before or has something changed in the latest version ?

c::set('uniform.action', array(
  '_action' => 'email',
  'service' => 'phpmailer',
  'service-options' => array(
    'host'     => 'mail.smtp2go.com',
    'port'     => 2525,
    'security' => 'tls',
    'user'     => 'blahblahblah',
    'password' => 'blahblahblah'
  'sender' => 'info@someemail.com'

Anyone any ideas on this ?

I have invited @mzur to the topic.

ok thanks looking forward to his input.

Guess he must be away on holiday or something.

Yes, something like that, he’s usually very responsive.

So still no sign of our man @mzur ?

No sign of him anywhere, last commit on GitHub Feb, 22. Maybe he’s on some sort of internet diet :worried:.

That’s right, I was travelling for the last month :wink: As to your question, have a look at the upgrade guide. You should change sender to from and _action is obsolete.


Made use of the info the next day just forgot to say thanks. As always thanks for all the help you offer dude and hope you had a great trip.