Understanding fields and echo

Hi Kirbys and Kirbyettes :wink:

I am working on a website and just trying to output the content from one of my .txt files to the page. I also looked at blueprints, but trying to get it to work with the .txt files first.

  • In Example I have a file called company.txt with the content of:
Title: My awesome site
Headline: Awesome Headline
Subline: Awesome Subline

My understanding is, i want to echo out the field “Headline” in my template.

This would be: <php echo $page()->heading()
Which does not work.

I have checked the documentation, as well as forum but could not find the appropriate content.

Thank you in advance!

Your php tag is not correct (question mark missing),

<?php echo $page->heading(); ?>

or with the short echo tag:

<?= $page->heading(); ?>

Thanks for the reply, sorry, did not include this in the post.

That has not been working unfortunately :frowning:

Oops, sorry, your field is not called heading but headline

had corrected that in my code :wink: but I guess that is not the problem. Can´t seem the echo out the headline. I have multiple fields:

  • headline
  • subline
  • leftcolumn
  • rightcolumn

Afaik these can be named anything right? So when in my template this would be:

<?= $page->myfieldname(); ?>

Exactly, maybe you are in the wrong template then? A text file called company.txt will be rendered with a template company.php, or if that doesn’t exist, with the default.php template.

And if you have created the file manually, have you added the separators (----) between fields? (Yes, you have, weren’t visible)

Pro tip: Always use three backticks before and after a block of code to render it as code!

@pixelijn Thank you for your help.
I found the problem. I created a multisite which rendered “…/de/referezen”

After deleting the multisite which removed the “/de” the field is rendered.
Stupidity… :smiley:

Thank you nevertheless! The support here is great!

In a multilanguage context, your text files need to have the language extension, e.g. company.de.txt etc.

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