Two-step or two-factor authentication 2fa code never received

Implemented 2fa as per instruction auth | Kirby CMS
but email with code never received. Is there necessary for some additional server configuration?

Have you configured your email transport settings?

@texnixe it should be configured in server or it could be done in Kirby?

I was referring to the email config settings: email | Kirby CMS

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For 2FA was looking forward to this plugin (which allows to use codes from Authenticator app), but unfortunately was not able to enable this plugin: Two factor authentication (2FA) for Kirby 3 panel

@texnixe - are there plans to add 2FA with code from Authenticator app in Kirby auth directly?
To be honest - waiting for code in email and then copy-paste is not so convenient as it would be from Authenticator app.