Trevor plugins changes default language to false

@rasteiner when I use trevor in the panel to change or to create language variables its sets the default language to false?! Do I need a specific config setting?
Thanks for Help

Sorry for the late answer.

It really shouldn’t, and I’m also a bit baffled that this happened to you. There are no config options for the plugin.
Sadly I’m unable to reproduce this with the current kirby version (3.4.3) :confused:

My plugin relies on the Kirby PHP Api to update the translations, so if there’s a problem that switched your default language off, that would most likely be on Kirby’s side.

I’m looking at the Kirby code that does the updating and it looks like it does some funky stuff I don’t really understand with the default language.

As I said, I can’t get it to do the bug. Could you paste your language files here so I can try to reproduce the problem better?