Treating JSON like a database object?

Say I have a JSON string that looks like this:

    name: "one",
    colour: "blue",
    size: "small"
    name: "two",
    colour: "red",
    size: "small"
    name: "three",
    colour: "red",
    size: "large"

Do we have a way to treat this like a database with Kirby? I’d really like to be able to use SQL queries on this dataset, like $small_items = $json->where(['size' => 'small']);

There’s lots of information out there on converting databases to JSON in PHP, but not the other way around…

Kirby already ships with what you need to achieve this:

$data = Data::read(__DIR__ . DS . 'data.json'); // converts JSON data to PHP array
$collection = new Collection($data);

$collection->filterBy('size', 'small');
$collection->filterBy('colour', '!=', 'red');
$collection->pluck('size', null, true); // unique sizes

Take a look at the Toolkit collection.php file to see other available methods. They are almost the same methods as the Pages collection.


Collections, that’s brilliant. Thank you Pedro.

This is why I love Kirby. It always seems to have just what I need and nothing that I don’t.

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