Translating user title in blueprints is not working


I ran into a minor but annoying issue while defining new user roles. In the reference doc, it says that you can translate the user role title. However, after doing this, the users page in panel gets a bit mangled. It seems that translating user titles is not supported after all, or is acting up.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Download and install starterkit-master (Kirby 3.0.2). Create admin account and complete panel installation
  • Create a user blueprint site/blueprints/users/client.yml
  • Paste the following code to client.yml
   en: Client
   de: Kunde
  • Refresh users page. You will not see your own admin account listed any longer, and adding new user results in error: Return value of Kirby\Cms\Role::title() must be of the type string, array returned

This error seems to persist regardless of whether the corresponding languages are defined in site/languages or not. I was going to file a bug report, but decided to post here first if somebody could confirm that this is a bug, or point out if I’m doing something wrong.

The error should be fixed on the develop branch and will be in the next release (3.0.3), although I don’t see a different role name displayed depending on language (but the description seems to work).

Okay, let’s wait for the next minor release then and see if the issue still persists.