Translating date chosen in panel into specific language on the frontend

I’m struggling to translate the ->toDate('d F Y'); into Dutch.
Looked into the php resources, but the examples used for server-time don’t seem to work with the date field.

Thanks @texnixe, I’ll look into this.

I did use

return [
    'date'  => [
        'handler' => 'intl'

But still could not get the dates to appear in Dutch.
Things also got messy with the time. HH:MM returns 09:09 instead of 09:00.

So I installed the Dutch language as default and did the translations => approach.

return [
    'code' => 'nl',
    'default' => true,
    'direction' => 'ltr',
    'locale' => [
        'LC_ALL' => 'nl_NL'
    'name' => 'Dutch',
    'translations' => [
	    'January' => 'januari',
	    'February' => 'februari',
	    'March' => 'maart',
	    'April' => 'april',
	    'May' => 'mei',
	    'June' => 'juni',
	    'July' => 'juli',
	    'August' => 'augustus',
	    'September' => 'september',
	    'October' => 'oktober',
	    'November' => 'november',
	    'December' => 'december'
    'url' => '/'

But I still don’t get the translation of the dates to work.
Probably I should just drop the months being write in full and rather use an international format.

I guess this works only for non default languages.

What is your Kirby version?

Dear @texnixe this project is on Kirby 3.7.5, might switching to 3.8 help?