Toggles field with default option

Hi all :slight_smile: I’d like to define one of three values in the “toggles” field as the default value. Reading the field properties in within the docs this should seem possible as it says:

Default value for the field, which will be used when a page/file/user is created

I’ve tried multiple variants on how to include “default” but none of them succeed. This is what I have and I’d like to define one of the three as default. I’m confident it’s me, not Kirby. :joy: Can someone assist?

type: toggles
label: Newsletter
  - value: X Focused
  - value: Y Focused
  - value: None

(Almost) all fields have adefault property:

  type: toggles
  label: Align
    - left
    - center
    - right
    - justify
  default: left

Note that default are only applied at page creation, never afterwards.

Ah, got it. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: