Toggles Field: Dynamic Options (Icons not shown)

Hi there,

I want to define a set of icons for a toggles field via a Site/Page method for reuse on several blueprints. When I define my field with dynamic options I however can not get the icons to beo working / shown.

I have the following field definition:

 type: toggles
 label: Icon
 width: 1/1
 labels: false
 grow: false
   type: query
   query: site.toggleIcons
   value: "{{item.value}}"
   icon: "{{item.icon}}"

And using this Site Method, to retrieve my available Icons (example code):

'siteMethods' => [
    'toggleIcons' => function() {
      return [
          'value' => 'alert', 
          'icon' => 'alert', 
          'text' => 'Alert' 

All works well, except that the icon is not shown in the panel:

The value seems to be saved correctly: