Timeout when loading files using nginx

Good Morning!
Currently configuring Kirby on Azure Web Apps with nginx.

I have the following issue:

The issue: All other files cant be pulled, when using the default configuration. (Port 8080)

Whats expected? The Starter website loads as usual.
What irritates me:
The files can be loaded the following way:
But not with Port 8080 included (because unsecure?)
When configuring Port 80 with redirect to 443 including key & certificate the websites doesent load completely.
FYI: The Website cant send ping packages to google.de or but can download via apt-get. Maybe DNS Issue ?

I have used this config and adapted it to my environment.

Different things I have tried:
Allow unsecure content in Chrome.
Empty Cache / open in private
Use Port 443 with 80 (redirect)
chmod 777 on the wwwroot directory
made www-date the owner of the directory
allowed http content in azure
checked if port 8080 and when used ssl 443 and 80 are open/listening

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: