The section could not be loaded

Hello people, I can’t figure this one out.

I keep getting this error message inside the panel and I cannot access my subpages anymore.

The section “content” could not be loaded: The JSON response from the API could not be parsed. Please check your API connection.

I tried reinstalling the Panel but it didn’t help.

The weird thing is that this started just a few days ago, after months of working just fine.
In the frontend there seems to be no problem.

Here my blueprint:

title: Konzert

draft: false

    width: 1/4
        type: fields
            label: Konzert No.
            type: text
            required: false
            label: Konzert Name
            type: text
            required: false
            label: Konzert Datum
            type: text
            required: false

    width: 3/4
        type: pages
          - musik
          - video
          - accessoire
          - zeichnung
          - terzett
          - notiz_v
          - notiz_n
          - interview
        headline: Inhalt
        empty: "Dieses Konzert hat noch keinen Inhalt"
        layout: list
        image: false
        info: "{{ page.medium }}"

Basically, everything in the right column can not be loaded :man_shrugging:

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hm, the blueprint looks ok, only the draft: false entry is pretty useless but shouldn’t cause the issue.

Which Kirby 3 version are you using?

Hi, I’m using version 3.2.5

That’s pretty outdated, please update to the latest version (currently 3.3.6), even if this has nothing to do with your actual problem.

Maybe the problem will fix itself once you do…

Ok, so I updated to 3.3.6 but the problem persists.
Could it have something to do with the php version of my host server?

Or is there a way to have a clean install of everything without having to re-upload all content and media?

Could you please check if you get a more useful error description in the browser console?

No, no error messages.

I thought maybe it’s because of my blueprints, but even when I try to add a subpage with the default «Home» blueprint (where I didn’t change anything from the original), it just displays an empty box.

Is debugging enabled in config?

whups, not since I reinstalled the panel :grimacing:

Now the console throws this error:

This happends to me from time to time in panel, but only on pages with very long blueprints.
To me it seems like panel Vue js have short response time, and if it doesn’t load in the first 5 seconds it drops this error. I suppose it could happen also on shorter blueprints but on poor/slow server.

Just to add my experience to this subject.

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What happens if you type the <F5> key in that situation?