Textarea headings with headlines from <3> to <6> only


is there a way to change and limit the headings in the textarea field? I want the user to use headlines from <3> to <6> only.

Unfortunately not, but there is a similar field available as a plugin with this option.

Keep in mind that people can still use h1 etc. manually, even if there is not button.

Maybe just change them when you output them in the template so it fits the “header levels” there.

E.g. like this: $content = str_ireplace(array('<h1>','</h1>'),array('<h2>','</h2>'),$myfield->kt());

Further to what Bart said, you can do it with this plugin too, it has heading adjustment built in GitHub - hananils/kirby-tree-methods: A Kirby 3 plugin providing field methods to filter and manipulate HTML output