Textarea font settings

When i use a text are inside file meta, the text in the textarea gets a Serif typewriter like font. When i use it in a page blueprint, it gets a sans serif font. How can i set them all to use the same (and why are they different since i havent set anything??) I did have a quick look in the docs but there doesnt seem to be a feild setting for it.

I’m using 3.1.0-rc1

Hm, the Starterkit has a textarea field in the image blueprint. Just tested and all looks normal, no serif font.

For me it looks like this…

Have you checked in dev tools where it might come from?

Woops… my bad… i used the community markdown field at one point but switched back when the native field got new skills (uploads!), they look visually identical, besides the font. Seems i missed one in my meta… embarrassing.

It’s sunday. I havent woken up yet.