Textarea field: Replace part of content and echo individual paragraphs?

I’d like to replace the quotation marks in the content of a textarea field before echoing it as individual paragraphs (the way they usually would be, using kirbytext()).

Replacing the quotation marks works fine, but how can I now echo my field content as individual p-tags? Here’s the problem:

<?php if($post->$field()->isNotEmpty()): ?>

    $content = $post->$field();
    $content = Str::replace($content, '„', '»');
    $content = Str::replace($content, '“', '«');

  <div><?= $contentNew->kirbytext() ?></div>

<?php endif ?>

This will of course not work. But how do I treat the changed content to get the same result as if I was using a regular, unchanged field output?

I’d use Smartypants for this purpose: https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/system/options/smartypants