Text formatting not working

I have text which is loaded in from the backend into ‘P’ tags. I have noticed in the panel the input fields for text areas have formatting options (bold, title, etc…) this also includes line breaks just from pressing the enter key. None of this works when the text is loaded into the standard paragraph tag. Is the only option to allow this preformatted option to use ‘pre’ tags, or is there a way to do this with ‘p’?

    <?= $page->S3Body() ?>

Of course with ->kirbytext() or ->kt() that alias of kirbytext method.

<?= $page->S3Body()->kirbytext() ?>

Note that you have to remove your p tags when using kirbytext()/kt(), because these automatically add p tags.

Or, if you want to keep your p tags and have only a single paragraph, go for kti()

All available field methods: https://getkirby.com/docs/reference/templates/field-methods

Hi, thank you for the support… Yes kti() worked better for me as it didn’t add a

between every line break… furthermore it allowed me to break as many times as i needed. A good feature thank you.

Using kti() the header formatting is not working correctly though, it prints as plain text, is this how it should work?

### Vivamus suscipit