Text disappears from panel when saved

I’ve transferred my site to a new server and though I can create pages and upload images just fine via the panel, text doesn’t save. When I click the “save” button it deletes any text I had written and says “Saved!”

Any ideas as to why creating pages and adding images saves but text doesn’t?


Does all content of all fields disappear, even the title? Have you checked the resulting text files in the folder?

Do you use Multi-language?
The symptoms looks the same as when you have a multi-language configured (in config.php) and then have both mypage.txt and mypage.en.txt in your content folder.
Kirby will save into the mypage.en.txt but show the content of mypage.txt (or the other way around, I don’t remember)

So check your content, it may be that.

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Hi, I’m not using Multi-Language. I checked the content folder and a project.txt file was created but it contains just “T: ---- Y:” with no content.

The page title saves correctly and images work too, it’s just the year, text, and tags field which don’t save.

Any ideas?

Looks like the php mbstring extension is missing, see troubleshooting: http://getkirby.com/docs/installation/troubleshooting

Thanks so much texnixe!
I installed via “sudo yum install php-mbstring”, everything works again.