Template cover in blueprint


I try to use kirby-color-palette plugin with template option :

            type: color-palette
            extractor: true
            template: cover

But I don’t really know how to use template… I have this :

            type: files
            layout: cards
            template: cover
            info: "{{ file.dimensions }}"
              ratio: 5/4
              cover: true
            multiple: false
            size: small

The cover field works, but the palette template filter not…

What I need ?

Does the cover file template exist?

In blueprint/files/cover.yml ?


example.png.fr.txt is empty…

And files with this template applied also exist in the same page?

But empty.

Hm, I made a quick test.

Created a files section with template cover like above. Then selected an image in the palette field and got a set of colors back…

I found the solution…

It’s because field ‘cover:’ have 'meta: ’ in parent.