Tags field, using both hardcoded options and a query

Is it possible to mix hardcoded Options AND a query in a single tags field?

I need to merge something like this:

    label: Tags
    type: tags
      - Design
      - Architecture
      - Photography

with something like this:

    label: Category
    type: tags
    options: query
    query: site.children.published

… in a single field

Thank you

I can’t seem to find the relevant code for the tags field, that would help. Thank you

You could use a route and query that

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This reminds me of a similar challenge I faced a while ago - here’s an adaptation of the solution I built based on the suggestions from this forum thread, based on creating a page method (or page model) plugin:

Kirby::plugin('my/pagemethods', [
  'pageMethods' => [
    'customTagQuery' => function() {
      $customtags = ['hardcoded1','hardcoded2','hardcoded3'];
      foreach ( site()->index()->pluck("tags", ",", true) as $tag )
        $customtags[] = $tag;
      return array_unique( $customtags );

In your blueprint:

    label: Hardcoded and queried tags
    type: tags
    options: query
      fetch: page.customTagQuery
      text: "{{ arrayItem.value }}"
      value: "{{ arrayItem.value.slug }}"

This could likely still be improved upon, but maybe as a starting point? (I did a quick test run and it works in my test environment).

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