Tags autocomplete create a new tag without uppercase


I’m working on jpg files with tags on panel, but whenever I try to add an existing tag to a files in the panel (with autocomplete), it creates a new tag with the same word, but without uppercase and accent (i’m working in french).
For exemple, when I try to add the tag “Entremêlement” (that is already on another image), it will show this:

fom_004selc1.jpg _ Family Of Mind - Mozilla Firefox 15-05-21 19_21_03

but it will add : “Tags: entremelement” on the .txt file of the image in contrary to the first one that has “Tags: Entremêlement”

This problem only appears when I’m adding tag on the panel with existing tag.
Here is my blueprint of the files.

    type: fields
        label: Insérer ici les tags
        type: tags
        options: query
          fetch: site.find("photography").children.images.pluck("tags", ",", true)
          text: "{{ arrayItem.value }}"
          value: "{{ arrayItem.value.slug }}"

Thank you for the help.

That’s because you sluggify the value. If you want to preserve the tags as entered, then remove the slug method.