Supporting a Kirby 1 site on PHP7?

Hi everybody, I am currently in a weird situation and I was wondering what your advice would be on how to proceed. A client of mine has a Kirby site (version 1.1.2) years ago and it is running fine on PHP5. Now their hosting party is planning on switching all sites to PHP7. It turns out that their site runs fine on PHP7 (phew), except for the pages that use URI parameters:

Notice: Array to string conversion in /Users/path-to-site/kirby/lib/uri.php on line 56

Notice: Array to string conversion in /Users/path-to-site/kirby/lib/uri.php on line 56

Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property uriParams::$Array has no effect in /Users/path-to-site/kirby/lib/uri.php on line 56

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /Users/path-to-site/zwaan-php7/kirby/lib/uri.php:56) in /Users/path-to-site/zwaan-php7/kirby/lib/kirby.php on line 47

One option would be to upgrade the entire site, but that would mean a lot of rework since I added a lot of custom code and snippets and it relies heavily on the URI parameters. Also, I am kind of out the website making business and I don’t really have the time for such a project.

I was actually wondering:

  1. if any of you have encountered similar problems when running a Kirby 1 site on PHP7, and, if so, how you proceeded;
  2. if there may be a fix available for the code in uri.php and kirby.php.

Would love to read your views. Thanks!

UPD: Right after posting this message, the forum suggested this post Error when Updating to PHP 7.0 from 5.4 (Kirby 1.1.2) and this seems to have done the trick.