Subpages problem after installing through FTP

I just tested this again with a Kirby test site where it works, however, it does not seem to work with multi-language sites with which I tested it originally.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to undetermine the info, your PHP knowledge is obviously stronger than mine – I tested this locally as well and was simply wondering how the path information would be processed as an argument without mod_rewrite

That’s alright. :smiley:
I was also wondering how this could ever work when I first saw this pattern.

Hm, I didn’t test that. This smells like a bug. Could you please open an issue on GitHub with a few details? Thanks!

I confirmed that not being able to use rewrite=false for multi-language setups is a bug and fixed it over at GitHub:

Meaning: You don’t need to have mod_rewrite to use the Kirby core, it is only required for the Panel.