Subpages builder and visibility

It seems pages created by the builder are visible/published by default, unless status: false is set in the pages’ options.
Is there a way, in the blueprint, to create subpages with the builder that are both visible and have status: false?
I suspect I’ll need a hook to make these subpages visible…

Yes, that is possible (at least if I understand you correctly). You have to set the status option in the blueprints for the subpages that are created by the builder.

Hum, interesting. I tried on a 2.3 site and found it didn’t work. After updating to 2.4.1 it works as expected.

When I initially tried, subpages with status: false were created as invisible even though I gave them an order with num: 1 and so on.
Thank you for your reply, it led me to update the site before I tried again.

The lesson is: always update before asking questions :smiley: