Sub pages drop down

This is probably really straightforward but i’m learning as i go:

I have a basic site adapted from the starterkit, I have two pages in the menu that have three subpages each and I would like these to be able to show the subpages on hover in the menu as a dropdown list.

So the pages are
Parent: ‘Writing’
Subpages: ‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’

and then then same for a page called ‘workshops’

Is there a simple way to do this, i’ve read all the forum posts that are related but can’t seem to find a solution. I’m sure i can do this by editing the nav in menu.php - do i also need javascript to activate it?

any help is welcomed, apologies for my beginner question.

As regards the menu structure itself, see this cookbook recipe:

As regards the hover state, you’d have to implement this via CSS hover state.

Keep in mind that mobile devices don’t really have a hover state. Also, while hover menus are very popular, their use is nevertheless at least questionable, because often difficult to navigate for certain user groups or because the menu might get triggered unintentionally etc.

Hi, thanks for replying.
Understood about the hover, perhaps on click is better.

As for the cookbook, I’m not really sure where to start with these ‘recipes’ - do they paste into the menu.php. apologies i know these are basic q’s but i’m basic!

Yes, the menu.php snippet would be the file to modify in the StarterKit.

Thanks will have a go…

If you download the OLD (!!!) Kirby version from, then you get there a main-menue, that shows the sub-pages (of the page “project”).

[Added_ #2 ]
This version is not secure, but you will find this main-menu.

If you search the Internet, you will find more solutions. Google is your friend…

Hint: May be, you will find your solution at

Good luck!