Structure unique & required checkboxes

Hi all,

I have a custom-block with a structure for videos which can be provided for different devices/orientations.
See the screenshot with the checkboxes.

I want to make sure that all checkboxes in all structure-entries combined are checked
1.) at least once and
2.) not more than once.

So basically they are “unique” & “required”.

I gladly take any advice how to realize this.

Thanks in advance

If I had to do this, I would do it the other way round: require a file for each device/orientation.


then the client has to fill out all video-entries for all versions, even if there is just video.
It also takes a lot space.

I currently opted for the version shown in the image, plus I added another option “All” on top.
So, in the most simple case the client adds one entry. If there is need for finetuning, one additional entry can cover several devices/orientations.
With this, there are ways to produce chaos. I need to teach the clients and catch overlaps in the frontend. If all fails I need to get my hands dirty in the panel.