Starred project

Hi there,
I’m learning Kirby by redesigning my portfolio from scratch.
I’m looking for a function which could “star” some of my projects to display them on my home page.

For the moment I’m using this piece of code to echo them :

<?php foreach ($site->children()->children()->limit(4) as $project): ?>

Each of my project pages are children of multiple category ($projects) pages, which are children of the $site. So, for the moment, I echo the first 4 of my projects. But it only echos the first 4 in my first category. I would be able to chose the 4 projects I want with some kind of favorite/star/ function.

I tried to list my pages (1_, 2_ etc.) and use the listed(4) function but it I still can’t control their order of appearance.

Any idea ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

It would make more sense to add a toggle field (showOnHP) or so, then filter pages by this field.

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Ok I’ll dig that option.
Thanks !