Src of image in textarea

Hi guys,
if I use this tag for images (image: test.png) than it creates in frontend a <figure><img src="http://localhost:8888/content/xxx/test.png" alt=""></figure>. As I have an own fancybox implementation it would be great to get only the src of the image. How is this possible? I have not seen it here. Would be great if this is possible as this is easier and clearer as generate the absolute src path manual all the time.

This is not possible with the native image tag, as that creates a figure or image tag, depending on your config settings. If you just want to generate an URL, you could create a custom image tag with an option to only output the src that overwrites the native image tag (although I don’t quite see the purpose of only the URL in the middle of a textarea field…, but I guess you have your reasons).