Speeding up web performance with varnish?

Hey guys!

I am thinking about setting up a caching program for Kirby in order to improve the web performance. What are you experiences and opinions on that since it seems to be more difficult to invalid the cache. Would this be compatible with Kirby? Are there any other best practices to make the website load faster?

Thanks in advance!

Why not use the caching mechanisms Kirby already provides? It’s built in, very easy to configure (imho) and works perfectly.

The only reason I would think about adding a reverse proxy (such as varnish) into my performance speedup mix; would be if the webserver gets hammered with requests (very, very high spikes in traffic). A reverse proxy means that requests will be served from the proxy, so your webserver is being spared. This will be faster, but has a tradeoff in complexity :slight_smile: