Special Characters in page titles

Im using the Meta Tags plugin for SEO, and I have a site with a couple of pages that contain special characters in the page tile (this gets used on the browsers tab).

For some reason its converting the character to an entity which looks silly on the browser tab:

I’m getting this:


What i want is this:


I tried using ->value() but that throws a woops (Call to a member function value() on string). I thought value just spits the fields raw value without doing anything with it? I guess its already a string then.

Anyone know how to fix it?

Think you have asked the same question here: Meta tags plugin output without entity?

Guess you would have to change the plugin code there, are you on Windows?

Oops! So i did. forgot about that. I Searched the forum before i posted too. Not enough coffee…

I’m not on Windows.

Yeah, have some more : :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: