Sorting problems in online blog demo

Hey there!
I was playing around with the online demo of Kirby 3 and stumbled over a strange sorting behaviour of the blog articles. So I downloaded the project to investigate since I have a litte experience with Kirby 2 but couldn’t find the issue yet…

When adding a new article, the article appears within the list of other articles and gets sorted by his “day number”. I expected the article to appear at the beginning (or maybe the end) of the article list but not in the middle… (see example 1 in the screenshot).

The same happens when adding a new article with the exact same date but different year. The new test article appears between two other articles. (Example 2 in the screenshot).

Can someone tell me how I can change the sorting the way, that the newest article appears always on top of the list and all the others find their place within the list depending on their exact date (day, month and year)?


This seems to be caused by the blog-article.php model, there is a date method in there, if you remove that, it works as expected. But then the call to date in the templates must be adapted as well.

Thank you very much for your help, this fixed my problem :upside_down_face: