Sorting pages via query in blueprint throws error "Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency?"

I have a page in which i use the pagedisplay field in order to manage and organzie subpages of said page.

  label: Anfragen
      headline: Anfragen
      type: pagesdisplay
      query: page.childrenAndDrafts.filterBy(status_category, *=, neu).sortBy(date, desc)

As you can see in this element all children are displayed that have the status_category of “neu”.
Using this query is absolutely no problem and no errors are beeing thrown.
But when adding the additional “.sortBy(date, desc)” parameter I get following error on my local xampp enviroment:

Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency?

What I dont understand how is the nesting level too deep when all it does is just list all subpages?
Which is pretty much the exact same as when using a “pages” field like this isnt it:

  type: pages
  headline: Subpages
  sortBy: date desc

When using this query on my production website I get the following error:

The panel cannot connect to the API

I’ve checked if HTTP PATCH request are enabled via curl and I was presented a 200 status code.
So they are working.

All pages that are beeing sorted have a date attached to them.
Are the querys written poorly or how does this occure?

Do the pages actually contain a date field?

Yes all subpages (that are selected by the query) have a date field associated with them.
There are subpages without date fields but these are not selected by the query since the query should only select pages with the status category “neu” from my understanding.

What is your Kirby version?

Currently 3.1.1

Have you tested with the current version (3.1.4).

Yes the problem still persists

I think I found the problem.
When two subpages have the same date for example “Date: 2019-06-01 20:23” this error occurs.

Is there a way to add seconds to the Date field so that there will never be a duplicate Date entry in two subpage?

Alternative Solution that i will use for now that sorts by Date and then by title also. And since my titles are build up like the following “day-month-year-hour-minute-second-username” it will sort it by date first and then use the title as second parameter and now the error wont occure.

query: page.childrenAndDrafts.filterBy(status_category, *=, neu).sortBy(date, desc, title, asc)

Ok, we already have a reopened issue on GitHub:

This should be fixed in 3.3.0.