Sort page in panel, featured first then normal order

Hi, I’m trying to display sub pages in panel in the same order than on my website (for easier page management). On my web site, the first page displayed are the featured pages, and after that pages are displayed with the ordinary panel sorting (sorted by their prefix number)

I added sort: featured desc to my blueprint and the featured projects are displayed first BUT I lose the normal sorting and all pages are now displayed alphabetically, which was not the goal (featured by alphabetcial order and after normal page by alphabetical order).

Is it possible to keep the prefix sorting and just add the featured pages first, or combine sorting options ? I saw the num: option but normal prefix sorting doesn’t require parameters so I don’t know how to achieve this.


Auto-reply because I figured it out : You don’t have to use the num: field but you can combine and chain sort fields (wich it’s not explained in the doc) like that: sort: featured desc num asc

Like you see, you can combine fields and methods. I find this in this topic (not found in my first search).


  • stay with num: order by default, even if it sorted by a field, don’t change the global sorting
  • add the combination trick in the documentation

//edit : litle glitch though : with this method invisible pages show first, so consider to add visible method filtering like: sort: isVisible desc featured desc num asc (all invisible pages at the end, useful in my case, but you can invert this or move the rule for featured first no matter what)