Sort page collection by created

Hi is there any way to sort a collection of pages by the date there was created without
a date field. The “modified” (last saved) works… Are there any more “default” values you
can use with “sortBy()” ?

this works: sortBy(‘modified’, ‘desc’)
something like: sortBy(‘created’, ‘desc’)

Not reliably.

Linux adopts a more general standard called POSIX which dictates certain conventions to allow portability between operating systems. The relevant page for timestamps is

If you look under section 4.8, File Times Update, you’ll see that the standard dictates “three distinct associated timestamps: the time of last data access, the time of last data modification, and the time the file status last changed.”

Note that none of these are the creation time.

Any code you did want to implement would likely be dependent on the hardware your site is run on as well as the operating system. As far as I’m aware, Windows and Mac machines do log creation time, as do some linux systems on particular file systems (ext4, maybe?). I don’t know how you’d access this info via PHP however.

If it’s important to you, include it in the file.

Thanks @walkerbox for your time and effort explaining for me, thanks !
The status suddenly became “not so important” ; ), lets do a date field, lol !!

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