Sort Blueprint Category?

I have the following Blueprint where I can select categories by Select. I would like to display these categories in exactly the same order in the frontend. Does anyone have an idea how I can implement this?

            label: Category
            type: select
              - Lichterfeste
              - Einkaufsnächte
              - Firmenfeiern
              - Sonstige Veranstaltungen

How are you fetching the categories in the frontend at the moment?

Like this.

<?php $eventItems = page('events')->children()->listed()->flip()->groupBy('category');
<?php foreach($eventItems as $eventItem => $itemsPerCategory): ?>

You would have to sort the collection first, then group. Check out the custom sorting example here: Sorting | Kirby CMS

Thanks, but I don’t use structure fields. Does that still work?

That doesn’t matter, works the same for a pages collection.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand how I can implement this with a select. Do you have another tip for me? Thank you!

You only have to replace the values

$eventItems = page('events')->children()->listed();

// map an order field to each item of the collection
$eventItems = $eventItems->map(function($item) {

    // array that maps every real value to a sorting number
    $options = ['Lichterfeste'=>'0','Einkaufsnächte'=>'1','Firmenfeiern'=>'2','Sonstige Veranstaltungen'=>'3',];

    //get the order number from the array based on the item's size value
    $item->order = $options[$item->category()->value()];

    return $item;

// finally, sort by order

$eventItems = $eventItems->sortBy('order', 'asc')->groupBy('category');

Not tested, but should work.

Cool, works fine :slight_smile: THX!!