$site->users() became $kirby->users()?

During my migration, I came across various $site->users() calls that started to return nothing on Kirby 3 but without throwing an error. It looks like this was replaced by $kirby->users(), right?

If so, I would suggest to add a mention about this in the migration guide.

The same seems to apply to $site->language() which is now $kirby->language()

The change from $site->users() to $kirby->users() is in the migration guide… But yes, the language change is missing.

If you find more such things, could you please add an issue in the getkirby.com repo, we can’t really keep track of them here. Thank you!

Damn, I’m doing way too much thing in parallel and didn’t spot that one. Sorry for that!

I’ll open an issue next time, after double checking :sweat_smile:

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