Site only loads some parts

Hi guys,
I’ve got a kirby site which is not coded by me.

The site only loads on localhost the title, then this snippet

children()->;visible() as $section) : ?>; $section)) ?>;

$site)) ?>

and after that the imprint. The code which should load the content looks like this:

<? foreach ($site->children()->visible() as $section) : ?>

  <? snippet('elements/section', array('data' => $section)) ?>

<? endforeach ?>

This is in the home.php. Even when I remove the whole code in home.php the site still shows the same. What’s wrong with that?

Don’t use PHP short tags (apart from the short echo tag <?= , change like this:

<?php foreach ($site->children()->visible() as $section) : ?>

  <?php snippet('elements/section', array('data' => $section)) ?>

<?php endforeach ?>

It’s really weird. For example I changed the code from
<? snippet('header) ?>
<?php snippet('header') ?>

In the source code chrome shows me still
<? snippet('header') ?>
and doesn’t actually load the snippet.

Have you made sure to change it everywhere?

Do a search and replace in your entire project.

The fact. that. php. code. is rendered as text in the page is a typical result of using short php tags if they are not enabled (and shouldn’t really be used or enabled).

I literally replaced every single one. In the source code it still gives me the ‘wrong’ home.php

Hm, send me a zip of the project if you want, I’ll have a look.

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Sent you an email at

For reference, the cache was on, so changes weren’t reflected; in addition to the use of short tags, the code itself was also a bit too short with almost all the echo statements missing… :wink: