Simply output a radio button value

Simple question: how do I print the value of a chosen radio option in my template. Lots of fancy examples in the reference but I couldn’t find this simple application of the field? I would like to avoid the use of a category map, which seems very complicated for my use. Thanks!

Not sure I understand the question correctly. You can output what is stored in the content file with

<?= $page->name_of_field() ?>

like any field. However, if you want to get what is shown to the user in the Panel rather then what is stored in the content file, you have to get that value from the blueprint or a category map.

Sorry, I got confused about my own blueprint and some ‘when’ conditions which resulted in no output and on top of that I was not checking the panel. I had some :coffee: and all is well now, thanks.

So it seems, to properly output what is stored in the content file, you can’t use underscores.

This doesn’t work, for me:

  square: Square
  square_rounded: Square with rounded corners
  square_double: Square with border

Underscores are no problem.

And of course you are right, got some local hiccups going on, this is not my day …