Show only 'Gallery' images from page

I wish to have a carousel of images. I have a File Field in my project template called ‘gallery’.

Currently I am using the below code, but it is pulling in all images from the page, even the unselected ones from the Gallery. I want to show only the selected ones.

<div class="carousel-inner">
      		<?php $count = -1;
        		foreach($page->images() as $image) : $count++ ?>
            <?php if ($count == 0) : ?>
           <div class="carousel-item active">
      		<?php else : ?>
          <div class="carousel-item">
          <?php endif ?>
            <img src="<?= $image->crop(1500, 1000, 90)->url() ?>" alt="<?= $page->title()?>">
      		<?php endforeach ?>

What do I need to change to only see the selected gallery images?

See docs for the files field: Files | Kirby CMS

Each field that needs special “treatment” has a section about use in templates/snippets.