Shopify plugin not updating products but collections + product fields empty


I’m trying out the Shopify plugin. It works, but I ran into 2 issues:

a) Updating and adding products only works for collections. :confused:
When I’m updating a product in the Shopify dashboard it doesn’t auto-update the product in Kirby.
However as soon as I’m updating the corresponding collection it also updates the products belonging to the collection

b) The fields for the variants, description, images etc. are all empty, only the ID and handle are populated :confused:

I followed all the steps and examples provided on the plugin’s github page and simply copied and pasted all the files. The .env credentials and cache.api => true seem right because the collections are updating as expected only the products are not.

Am I missing something?

@tristantbg :grimacing:

Thanks in advance for any tips!

These are the Shopify hooks: