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I’m aware of the problem and have written about it here: It depends on a Kirby issue:

In short, if a page changes order, a hook is triggered and the Sync plugin could in theory change the sort number on that page. However, if this page number has changed, it will also push other pages around, but the Sync would not know about it because a page pushed by another page does not trigger a hook.

It would be possible to code something that goes through that folder and looking at all the subfolders and try to rearrange them just like Kirby would but I’m really not sure I want to go that way. It may be alot of work and maybe it’s hard to get it right.


Is 01-example.txt named 20171001-example.txt on the node? That’s strange. I would expect it to be named example.txt without a prefixed number.

Thanks for your fast reply, i coud have seen that :rofl:

to your “Update-Question”:

  • on the hub the folders are named like: 20171004-example (based on the beginning date of the content, not based on the current date or something else) and the txt files are all named bildungsprogramm.txt
  • on the node the folders are just called example and the txt files synced-bildungsprogramm.txt

Isnt there a chance to sync exactly the folder-name, ignoring the sort order? It would just be important for me to get the date within the folder-name on the node, its no problem if i have two folders beginning with the same date… That happens quite often :slight_smile:

It would be fine (for me!) to simply sync the exact folder-name.

Interesting idea. I’m working on a new version right now to handle panel template change. Maybe I’ll make a change with folder names as well. We will see.

This, amongst other things such as multilingual necessity, pushed me towards JSON instead of syncing “pages”.

It isn’t a golden bullet neither, because then you have to render pages from JSON in the affiliate site. And those kinds of content do not “really live” in the kirby site, so they don’t show up in search results for instance :-/

I think it’s possible to have support for multi language setups with pages. Maybe I will add it to my plugin in a future version.