Setting up a staging site: How to include password-protection in Kirby's .htaccess

I’d like to deploy the development version of a site I’m building with Kirby to a subdomain of my client’s domain. Using cPanel, I created an .htaccess file inside the subdomain’s directory to password-protect the subdomain (so only I and the client can visit it).
Now, Kirby comes with its own .htaccess file, hence uploading the development version to the directory of the subdomain will overwrite the original file. How can I still include the password-protection? Apologies if the answer to this is fairly obvious, I only have a very basic/peripheral understanding of server tech.

My .htaccess file looks like this:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Development Site"
AuthUserFile "/home/myClient/.htpasswds/"
require valid-user

Grateful for any and all helpful input.

Paste this into the top of Kirby’s .htaccess (and remove the other one)

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Ok, cool, then it is as obvious as I feared it would be :grinning: Sorry for posting superfluous questions and thanks for the fast reply.