Setting default user role on creating in panel

How can i set the default user role and language on create?

I changed the default.yml but nothing happened.
Default role is admin and language English (site language is Turkish) always.

I want to set default role is customer.yml, language is Turkish.

I have four roles for test:

  • admin.yml (title: Yönetici)
  • agent.yml (title: Satış Temcilcisi)
  • customer.yml (title: Müşteri)
  • default.yml (title: Varsayılan)

Also when i try to create new user, default.yml user role not seen.

Is this possible or am I doing it wrong?

There is nothing like user role called default. The default.yml only sets the fields that are standard for any user without a specific blueprint.

Maybe setting the default language will be possible with the new user models introduced in 3.2 (but currently not working yet).

As regards a default user role (guess you. mean what is preselected in the create dialog in the Panel), I don’t know if that. possible (probably not).

I understood.

I know the entire system as developer but end user may miss this role selection.

It would be nice to add such a development in config.php:

return [
    'users'  => [
        'language' => 'tr',
        'role' => 'customer'

What you can do since Kirby 3.2

title: Editor
    manager: true
    editor: false

Additionally, since 3.2.1, a non-admin cannot create admin users anymore.

Unfortunately, with the above setting, all roles are still selectable, you only get an error message, see

I understand that probably doesn’t solve your issue, since setting a default user is still not possible.

Thank you, i suggest an idea: