Set-up masonry grid

Hi there,

i had a question about the masonry plug-inn ,is here someone who can tell me how set up a photo page whit the plug-inn
and can help me to set-up.

sorry im new to dynamic content


could you please describe where your problem in using masonry is?


i have a ready to use snippet on github for a masonry image grid. But I have to finish the readme, because the snippet alone is not enough.
I will do another reply when I´m ready this evening.


Here is the first readme draft:

If there are questions, please ask.

thanks for those great snippets!!,

I will enhance the docs soon, especially for the carousel snippet, because this has an additional feature, which is very special for my project. I think this needs some explanation.
But in the most cases the small “how to use” in the snippet file itself will be enough.

I finally finished all the docs, for the other snippets too.
So to everyone: see

for some (hopefully) helpful snippets.